Zylast keeps your family safe


Your family’s health is your number one priority. Zylast provides the protection you need exactly where you need it most…on you!


Zylast keeps kids in school


Germs…a never ending battle for schools. Illness can be costly and disruptive. Keep kids and teachers healthy and in class…


Zylast keeps your employees healthy


Your business moves fast, but germs move faster. You can’t afford to have your key players out just when you need them most…


Use Zylast on the go


Planes, hotels, cruise ships or wherever you go, germs are there. Stay protected while you’re on-the-go with Zylast!


Did you know that school-aged children touch their face on average every 3 minutes?

Once you use Zylast you're protected from germs for 6 hours!

Schools have shown a 39% (Keeney, 2013) reduction in illness-related absenteeism when students use Zylast.

Unlike alcohol-based sanitizers that lose their effectiveness after 15 seconds, Zylast keeps you protected for 6 hours!

Zylast is effective against Influenza "the flu", Rhinovirus "the common cold", E.coli and more.

Zylast Outperforms Leading Brands


Zylast Saves Money!

8 oz of Zylast = 40 oz of Purell


*Based on published usage data from the Purell website and Zylast technical usage data.

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What Fans Are Saying

“Zylast is remarkable; as soon as we installed it we noticed our classrooms were full and our teachers healthier. I love that it’s all natural and not flammable, and our kids love using it.”
Leslie Ghirst, School Director, The Autism Academy
“Our decision to install Zylast reflects Westmont’s ongoing commitment to the health, safety and success of our students.”
Troy Harris, Director of Risk Management and Procurement, Westmont College
“There are three primary reasons for the reduction in illness with the Zylast technology. First, the Zylast products are persistent for six hours, so users are protected beyond the 15-second lifespan of an alcohol sanitizer. Second, the Zylast Lotion is effective against pathogens like the Norovirus, rotavirus, and the common cold – some of the most prevalent diseases among children, and germs against which alcohol sanitizers are relatively ineffective. Finally, the product is water-based and moisturizes the hands, so staff and actually like using it, which greatly improves compliance.”
Beth McNichol, PhD, Emerging Infectious Disease
“I love having the Zylast Sanitizing Lotion in my classroom. It protects against germs, it’s not alcohol-based, and my kids actually like using it.”
Aliza A., Schoolteacher
“We have been using your Zylast Hand Lotion now for a while and are pleased to report the success of your product. Not only has Zylast been able to effectively combat the spread of infection, our staff has eagerly adopted the product. Zylast acts like a soothing hand lotion for their often dry, over-washed hands.”
Ryan O., Atlantis Rehabilitation and Residential Healthcare Facility
“The hand sanitizers currently on the market are of very little use. Only Zylast XP™ can afford the doctor and staff up to 90% protection for up to 4 hours. Zylast XP™ should be in every treatment room and at the front desk in every dental office…To sum it up, Zylast XP™ is the Hand Sanitizer of choice for maximum protection.”
Joseph Schachner, D.D.S.
“We at the Union Plaza Nursing Home strongly recommend Zylast™ Hand Solutions. This product has been widely accepted as an improved handwash and soft skin lotion by our staff, thereby increasing the amount of time they wash their hands, helping us meet highly regulated infection control standards.”
Chariton R., Union Plaza Nursing Home
“As a nurse and former school board member, I find this product phenomenal. It pays for itself, and provides significantly better protection to our students and teachers than any other product on the market. School administrators should consider putting Zylast on their campuses.”
Barbara Keeney, RN, an Air Force veteran with more than thirty years in nursing, nursing management and hospital administration
“No comparable product is capable of providing the degree of long-term protection exhibited by the Zylast products.”
Haskins Lab, Pace University