About Zylast

About Zylast

Good hand hygiene is the first and best defense to stop the spread of germs, but how do you know what really works?

There are practices that help with killing germs, such as hand washing and alcohol-based sanitizers, but unfortunately they do little to nothing to prevent re-contamination… as soon as the water or alcohol dries up, so does your protection!

This problem got some pretty smart scientists, who also happen to be parents, interested. They collaborated with a few doctors and researchers, and decided to try to come up with something better. There must be a way to not only kill germs (and they meant, ALL germs), but do it in a way that would keep killing after washing or applying a sanitizer they thought. And so the Zylast journey began.

Other interesting problems began to emerge. For example, they learned that alcohol dehydrates the bacteria to kill them, but that means it also dehydrates the skin….. not good, especially if you want people to wash and apply a sanitizer often throughout the day. They also realized that the irritation from the alcohol could cause micro-abrasions on the hands that were unintended doorways for germs to enter the skin. Big problem: not only was the alcohol not helping, it could actually be hurting!

Some other problems they found: soap and water, and alcohol-based sanitizers kill some bacteria, but after careful research they were disappointed to find no sound data that showed they were effective against viruses and drug-resistant bacteria such as MRSA and VRE.

The story changed when they found an active ingredient that was effective against a broad spectrum of germs, but also provided persistence. The ingredient was actually moisturizing to the skin instead of harsh and drying. Excellent, they thought, now we’re getting somewhere: a broad-spectrum germ killer that was actually good for the skin.

Then they got some other pretty smart people involved who helped develop the formulation of the product and make it last longer. This proprietary blend of synergistic ingredients that is water-based, non-greasy and persistent for 6 hours is what became the answer to the age-old problem of hand sanitation: Zylast.

Zylast gives you the protection you need where you need it most – on you!