Zylast At Home

Priority #1 – Keeping your family safe and protected!

When your loved ones get sick, it’s no fun at home…. Kids miss school, parents miss work, and those germs like to share the love. They hide everywhere, and studies have shown that children touch their faces on average once every 3 minutes! Killing the germs is only a first step…

Making sure that you and your loved ones are not vulnerable to re-contamination is really what will keep you protected. This is the Zylast promise. Zylast not only kills germs on contact, but is also persistent for 6 hours.

Stay active and healthy at home and wherever you go by keeping Zylast on you!

The Zylast Advantage

Zylast Saves Money!
Zylast solves the issues of efficacy, persistence and comfort with approximately one-fifth the amount of product, so not only is it an ideal solution for killing germs, but it has an economic advantage as well. In fact one 8oz bottle of Zylast provides the same recommended usages as five 8 oz. bottles of Purell!
Zylast Kills a Broad Spectrum of Germs and Is Persistent
Zylast products are specifically formulated to be effective against a broad spectrum of germs, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and more. And Zylast is persistent for 6 hours after application!
Zylast Benefits in Schools, Homes, and Medical Facilities
Zylast has been shown in controlled clinical studies to prevent nearly 90% of illness outbreaks in schools and reduce illness absenteeism by 39% (Keeney, 2013). Non-flammable and moisturizing, Zylast is safe for use in the home. When used in a hospital, it was the first sanitizer shown to reduce infections over hand washing alone.
Safety Profile
All natural, water-based and non-flammable, the Zylast have an unmatched safety profile. The active ingredient in Zylast, BZT, is one of the most-studied compounds in history. It has been on the market for nearly 50 years in antimicrobial and wound-care products.

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