Designed to prevent infection in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and at home, Zylast is a unique antimicrobial technology that not only kills on contact, but is persistent for six hours. The core of the patented technology lies in the synergistic combination of antimicrobial agents and a revolutionary formulation that keeps the product on the skin. This technology can be used in many different products. Currently the company has produced an alcohol-based Antiseptic, a moisturizing Antiseptic Lotion, and a Foaming Hand Cleanser. All of these products offer rapid, broad-spectrum kill and persistence. Nine clinical studies have been conducted with the Zylast products and active ingredients, as well as studies against drug-resistant bacteria and viruses. Additionally, testing has shown that these products, unlike other antimicrobials tested, do not irritate the skin with repeated use.


Antiseptic Lotion: Water-based and formulated with high-end emollients and skin-care products, the Antiseptic Lotion feels luxurious on the skin while providing rapid, broad-spectrum kill and persistent protection from germs.

Antiseptic: The Antiseptic is alcohol-based and compliant with CDC recommendations for hospitals, but provides persistent protection for six hours without skin irritation, as proved by independent lab testing.

Foaming Hand Soap: The soap is built around patented Zylast technology, not only killing on contact but providing persistent protection for six hours, without the harsh feel soaps have, or the health risks of triclosan-based products.

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