Zylast In Schools

“As a nurse and former school board member, I find this product phenomenal. It pays for itself, and provides significantly better protection to our students and teachers than any other product on the market. School administrators should consider putting Zylast on their campuses.”

Barbara Keeney, RN, an Air Force veteran with more than thirty years in nursing, nursing management and hospital administration.

The Zylast Advantage

Zylast Saves Money!
Zylast solves the issues of efficacy, persistence and comfort with approximately one-fifth the amount of product, so not only is it an ideal solution for killing germs, but it has an economic advantage as well. One 8 oz. bottle of Zylast provides the same recommended usages as five 8 oz. bottles of Purell! Which #handsanitizer would you rather use in a #hospital? One that works for 15 seconds, or one that lasts for 6 hours? #youchoose.
Zylast Kills a Broad Spectrum of Germs and Is Persistent
Zylast products are specifically formulated to be effective against a broad spectrum of germs, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and more. And Zylast is persistent for 6 hours after application!
Zylast Benefits in Schools, Homes, and Medical Facilities
Zylast has been shown in controlled clinical studies to prevent nearly 90% of illness outbreaks in schools and reduce illness absenteeism by 39%. Non-flammable and moisturizing, Zylast is safe for use in the home. When used in a hospital, it was the first sanitizer shown to reduce infections over hand washing alone.
Safety Profile
All natural, water-based and non-flammable, the Zylast have an unmatched safety profile. The active ingredient in Zylast, BZT, is one of the most-studied compounds in history. It has been on the market for nearly 50 years in antimicrobial and wound-care products.

Zylast In Schools

Zylast has shown a 39% reduction in illness-related student absenteeism!

Germs are a never-ending battle for schools. Kids and teachers work together in such close quarters that stopping the spread of germs seems almost impossible. Absenteeism, substitute teachers and lost time cost schools more and more money each year. Zylast provides a healthy, safe and cost-effective solution.

So why is Zylast showing such remarkable effectiveness where hand washing alone and alcohol-based sanitizers have failed?

It’s simpler than you think…. Zylast not only kills 99.99% of germs within 15 seconds, but it keeps on killing for 6 hours.

And Zylast kills more than just transient bacteria. It is effective against a broad spectrum of germs that seem to come home with kids more often than their homework. With school funding directly tied to the number of days students are in class, the 3-4 additional healthy student days can mean important dollars for underfunded schools. Zylast has also shown a 24.7% reduction in teacher and staff illness-related absenteeism (Keeney, 2013), providing additional savings for schools in substitute teacher costs. Keep kids, and their teachers, healthy and in class with Zylast!

“There are three primary reasons for a reduction in illness with the Zylast Lotion. First, the Zylast products are persistent for six hours so children are protected beyond the 15-second lifespan of an alcohol sanitizer. Second, the Zylast Lotion is effective against pathogens like the Norovirus, rotavirus, and the common cold – some of the most prevalent diseases among children, and germs against which alcohol sanitizers are relatively ineffective. Finally, the product is water-based and moisturizes the hands, so children and staff actually like using it which greatly improves compliance.”

Beth McNichol, M.D., Doctorate in Emerging Infectious Diseases from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

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